World’s First
“Fusion Resonance Hybrid
Nano Formulation”

Our core Features

Lab Tested & Approved

Proven effective to kill 99.9999% bacteria and 99.99% of viruses that cause Covid-19

Resonance Technology

The first and only resonance technology applied disinfectant


It is non-toxic and can be applied to even child's toys


It has shorter response time to kill pathogens as compared to other disinfectants

Long Lasting

Keeps killing 99.9999% bacteria and 99.99% of viruses for up to 24 hours

Airborne Prevention Measure

CI-Disinfection Service


Resonance Technology
Contactless Killing

Why Choose Us?
  • Fast response time in killing pathogens
  • The world first contactless killing disinfectant
  • Long lasting protection against pathogens
    and help to improve indoor air quality
What We Provide?
  • SC50 Quantum Ion Copper Ionic
  • Negative Ion generator patch attached for better air purification and sanitization
  • Monthly supply, service and inspection package
  • Negative Ion index report to be generated on quarterly basis
  • Can be tailormade to meet your requirements
2 Different Types of Humidifiers
12 Drums of 5L diluted SC50 Quantum Ion Copper Ionic
Negative Ion index report will be generated on quarterly basis
Safer, Longer Lasting & Works Faster

Multipurpose Disinfectant

Formulated with Quantum Ion Copper Ionic and Resonance Technology. Quantum-Ion is a proven and more effective disinfectant. It is safe for use on skin and surfaces. Yet, it works fast to kill 99.9999% of germs, bacteria, and 99.99% of viruses, protecting you and your family.


Safe for Children


Fragance Free



The Face Mask that Kills Covid-19

World's First Resonance Surgical Face Mask

3 Ply Self-Sterlizing

Quantum Resonance Copper
Surgical Face Mask

Cost Saving

Face mask with QR-C can used for a longer period. Reduction in face mask disposal leads to lesser purchase for the daily face mask.

Good For Environment

Longer period of time using face mask causes lesser wastage. Hence, minimize the disposal pollution done to the environment.

Improve Hygiene Level

Self-sterilizing feature doesn't allow pathogens to survive on the face mask surface. Thus, personal hygiene level can be improved.

Minimize Infection Risk

Used face mask with QR-C contains less contamination on surface. Hence, disposal of it will not causes infection to the others.

For Your Better Health Care

Our Products

Known for our expertise

We Care Too Much About Customer's Trust

We have gone through variety of certification in order for customer to understand our product quality for use.




Tested Report

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16 years of R&D, Innovation, and Application won the support of our clients


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We are specialize in Multipurpose Disinfectant. We using the World First Resonance Technology.

Our mission is to develop the brand and reputation of disinfectant product distributor, with the highest standards in customer service, quality and value.

Our vision is to be the most recognized disinfectant products distributor in the marketplace through offering the broadest range disinfectant and sanitation products.

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